Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The tale of Lobsty

Every time we go grocery shopping, Gus has to visit the lobster tank to find "Lobsty." Lobsty is the king of the tank, the lobster always on top of the pile and looking ready to fight. Gus loves him and always wants to take him home. 
Well, Sunday he did. 
Here's a little family nature study. Even Rosie No Fear Demko wanted to pick him up. 
I kept my distance. 
The kids turned on the Wild Kratts lobster episode while TBD and I made dinner. Then Gus dropped Lobsty into the pot. 
Dad thought these bibs were a necessity. :)
Team Lobsty:
And Blaise won't eat seafood because they're "magnificent creatures." :)
RIP Lobsty