Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What's shakin'

Someone had to move to the way back, and in an act of shear genius, Tommy convinced Rosie only big girls could sit back there. And she bought it. Smiles all around! 🙌
This is just a shot of "Happy Gus." Gus. You help me clean and never complain. You come up and ask if we can snuggle. You are starting to read early reader books and are so proud. 
Roro is a good sport and heads with me to Dailey Method quite a bit. She loves to run around in the barre room when it empties out. 
And baseball. Lots and lots of baseball. Good thing you have your chair and sparkle sunglasses, Rose. 
G-Pops and I riding the bench. Blaise playing catch with Tommy in the background. 
Rosie, who chose this entire ensemble, right down to the baby she's "pregnant" with. 
Elisa made her First Communion! And had such a grace about her. Blaise chose those flowers for her at the store. Gotta love a rainbow daisy. 
Katy sent this beautiful box for Lily's birthday. It sits with some of Lily's mementos on the nightstand. Rosie has taken to adding trinkets to the box that she wants to share with Lily. This day was necklaces, sometimes it's a snack, a little toy or nail polish. 💗  
And here's Rose next to a rose we spotted out and about. 
An after school treat 👍👍👍
Blaise bonding with Baby Annie. He's our baby whisperer. And she's just the cutest!!
And last, here's the precious baby we will meet in just a week on June 1. 💗💗💗💗💗