Friday, October 28, 2016

Gus Bwyant

Gus has lovingly worn a hand-me-down Starlin Castro jersey for 2 years. It was time for an upgrade. 
We went over to Wrigley just the two of us on Sunday night (Gus in pjs) and picked out this badboy. The jersey he chose? His favorite "Kwis Bwyant."
I hope the kids always remember this exciting time in Chicago. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Yesterday we took the kids to Notre Dame. It was a golden day with unseasonably warm weather. We caught up with dear friends. Blaise tossed the football outside Alumni Hall. Gus drank three Gatorades. Rosie was only lost once. 

I hesitate to document these days now. 
How to explain the feeling of happiness and sadness coexisting? How to share these trivial moments, knowing Lily cannot be a part of them.

(Gus and Rosie high on Gatorade. Woot.)

But, Lily, yesterday you were there with us. 
...When I was asked "How many children do you have?" and stammered an answer 
...When a long lost friend bumped into us, and acknowledged your loss 
-When we spotted lilies on campus (I've got the kids trained to look for them!)
...When our family picture was taken, even though it is incomplete 

I've been waiting to clear my throat and get started again on the blog. Yesterday was Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I'll let that be a sign that I can write and be present here, but always remember