Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dude in a diaper

Blaise loves to rock and roll. (Well, roll at least!) He is happiest squirming around in just his diaper. Here he is playing on my old comforter. (Cath and Jen, does this bring back memories?) Speaking of you girls, Blaise can't wait to meet his newest friends, Sonny and Maddie!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We took Blaise to the Spooky Zoo to trick or treat and test out his costume. He's a caterpillar this year, which was all Mimi's doing. (Thanks Mimi!) Blaise treats his costume like a cocoon- he curls up and falls asleep.

Rice cereal

Tommy dished up Blaise's first dose of rice cereal on Saturday. Blaise wasn't too sure about it- yet he never turns down a meal!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SMC mini reunion

Imagine our surprise when Stephanie called to invite us to pizza! Our reply: "Yes!" and "Yes!" Steph was in town for a law conference and decided to orchestrate a mini reunion. Cat, Kristen, Caroline, and Aunt BJ attended. We talked baby quite a bit, as Kristen is due in less than two weeks! We made sure to get a picture of Aunties Stephanie and Bridget for the blog.

Glory Days

Mom and Pops had a big night out on Saturday night. Danny took us to UD for some excitement. (Blaise was snug as a bug at home with Grand Mare. No worries!) Let the party begin! Our first stop was Danny's house on campus. I am disappointed that I forgot to snap a picture- it was a bachelor pad at its finest. Next, we toured a house called "Slanty." Old Slanty got it's name from the fact that everything inside leans to one side- the steps, sinks, refrigerator. (G-Pops, help!!) Slanty was partying pretty hard, so we took a quick walk through and stopped for a photo-op outside. Next stop, Tim's! Tim's is apparently "the bar" for UD students. (I would equate it to Finnegan's for our SMC/ND readers.) Aunt Maggi worked her magic at the bar and was able to get the group free drinks. (Only a Diet Coke for me, the D.D. and Blaise's food source.) Of course the family outing wasn't complete without Becky and Pat. We will see you soon! Speaking of family- I swear I saw Uncle Danny W. at the bar! I normally wouldn't be volunteering this ugly pic for the blog- but if you look behind me you'll see the Danny look-alike getting smooched by a girl at the bar! (Hey Danny- this is supposed to be a family site.) See the resemblance? Thanks to Danny and Maggi for taking out the folks and helping us feel like "we've still got it." Ha Ha

Greetings from Dayton!

After a late arrival on Friday night (1:00!!) Blaise surprised Mom, Dad and Grand Mare with a new trick- blowing bubbles! Papa Clark gifted us with a box of clothes that used to belong to Tommy and his siblings growing up- we all chuckled upon finding the dress Aunt Joanie brought back from Guatemala. (I'll save that pic for your wedding slideshow, Blaise.) Aunt Maggi did her fair share of holding Blaise. In his four months she has visited him four times- very impressive since she lives in CT! Grand Mare & Lar were excellent hosts. Blaise is hoping next time he visits he can hop on the Harley! (Just kidding, Mimi!)

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

While home, we visited the pumpkin farm that our family has gone to for years. The ladies working got a good chuckle when G-Pops pulled up. Catastrophe-prone G-Pops had a bout of bad luck with his past purchases from the pumpkin farm. One year he poked out a panel of the garage door with the corn stalks that were tied to the top of the car. More recently, the house nearly burned down when a bale of hay on the porch caught on fire from a nearby jack-o-lantern. G-Pops decided against the corn and hay- and instead played with the barn kitties. They sure were curious about Blaise!

Home Sweet Home

We spent the weekend in Michigan and attended Meaghan and Rocque's wedding. Blaise was ever so stylish in his new shirt from Uncle Danny. Doesn't "Nana The Great" look great at 86? Pictures of the bride and groom to come... they are still on G-Pops' camera.

Friday, October 10, 2008

So long, frog pajamas!

The frog pajamas were Tommy and my very favorites on Blaise. We had to retire them this week- Blaise is moving on up to his 6 month outfits. One last picture of the beloved frogs! (Grand Mare- look at how Blaise loves his frog blanket! He sleeps with it now!)

Two peas in a pod

"Thomas and Thomas" are two peas in a pod with their striped outfits.

More from the Bumbo...

Blaise sits patiently in his Bumbo while Mom plays house.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My three men

We were snacking at the table when up popped Ping. I love this picture of my three main men.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Go Cubs GO!

Tommy and Blaise will be cheering tonight.

In case you were wondering...

Ping is still around- but keeps his distance.

Morning with Mom

Starting our day...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New tricks!

I pulled out the Bumbo today... and Blaise gave it a test spin. He seems to approve!

A chill in the air

Blaise bundled up for our run.

Hi, Owen!

Bridget and Owen visited on Monday. We took the boys to Lincoln Park Zoo and out to lunch. Oh- what truly glamorous lives we lead! :)