Monday, August 18, 2008

Wedding bells!

Congratulations to Bridget and Vu who were married Saturday!

I love my family!

Blaise has delighted in meeting the members of the Waite and Demko families, and loves to play "pass the baby."

Blaise's Baptism

Baby Blaise is now a member of the Catholic Church!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More from the beach!

We bumped into Cat and Mike on the way home!

Afternoon at the beach

Tommy surprised us and came home early from work. We spent the afternoon at the beach introducing Blaise to Lake Michigan. What a beautiful use of a summer day!

So big!

Baby Blaise loves to eat- and it shows! Here are some of his latest looks. The last is a picture taken during one of our runs down by the lake.

Fun with the family

We went home to Michigan for a fun, yet quick weekend! Danny and Blaise rooted on the Cardinals. I made sure to post this picture before Tommy could see it! Blaise was the only boy invited to attend a shower given for my cousin, Meaghan. She will be married in October. "The fam" was kind enough to watch Blaise while Tommy and I snuck in a date. We had dinner out followed by some shopping. Tommy spied a shrubbery bull- which brought back Bengal Bouts memories!

Hot hot hot!

Blaise and I joined Cat for a dip in the pool. We always seem to run into our buddy Cat around Old Town! Roxanna and her pups from upstairs played with Blaise out in the courtyard. Oh, how Blaise has grown!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hi Great Great Aunties!

Papa Clark took Blaise and I to Spring Valley to meet Great Great Aunts Marian and Pauline.

Preparing for Baptism

As you can see, Blaise has really bonded with his god- parents, Mimi and Papa Clark.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The morning of the baptism...

THIS happened. Luckily Blaise was "well behaved" in his baptismal gowns.

More family time!

The Demko and Waite families came to town to celebrate Blaise's baptism. Uncle Danny took Blaise on a long walk downtown ("because babies are chick magnets") and even fit in a quick cat nap! Auntie Di hosted a yummy pre-baptism meal at her house. She knows how to throw a party! The Helme ladies took great care of Blaise, as always. You can tell he loved the attention.

Wedding bells

Congratulations Erin and Tom! Blaise attended his first wedding last week. My roommate from Atlanta, Erin, married her sweetheart from ACE, Tom! The wedding was beautiful- and just look at that amazing cake! Love it!

Dayton, here we come!

Tommy had a week off, so we ventured down to Dayton. Blaise met G.G., Aunt Joanie and Larry.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Tommy had a banner week. He turned 27 and passed the first level of the CFA! Yay!!! Blaise was so proud, he spit up!

Road trip!

Road trips are all the rage lately! We visited the Veselik house in Lake Geneva, where Blaise fell in love with Jamie and took his first dip in the pool. (I can assure you that Tommy was not dropping him in the picture. Eeek!) Next stop... Dayton!