Monday, February 23, 2009

Mom & Pops

We are working real hard on the "Dada" thing. We'll be patient, as long as Blaise doesn't start saying "Ping" first.

Stanley's Brunch

Blaise had his first date over the weekend. He met up with Miss Mary Reilly at Stanley's for brunch... in his pajamas! Oops!

Our home is a zoo!

...and the zebra is the main attraction.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ping, I have something to ask you...

Blaise: "I've known you for eight months now, and over the course of our relationship my love has only grown deeper. You are my sun, moon and stars. You are the only one for me. Ping, will you be my valentine?"

Ping: "Get me out of here!!!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just Another Day In Paradise.

Blaise tried out his cool new baby product, the "Tie Chair" this morning. I of course opted for the polka dot print. :)
Now that the weather is cooperating, we have been visiting the neighborhood park to try out the baby swings.


Now that the boxes are unpacked, we can enjoy our new place. Tommy taught Blaise the fine art of Wii bowling. Mimi arrived and we had four fun-filled days of being out and about. We love living on Sedgwick.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

So, we moved. (Hooray!!) We found a new place just around the corner from our old apartment. We are pleased as punch! I've been busy getting everything in order. Today I caught Blaise checking himself out in a mirror I've yet to hang. Then later I noticed Ping admiring himself. Look closely in the picture and you'll see that he has a puffy tail- a sign that he's defending his turf. I guess Ping, like Blaise, doesn't recognize his own reflection in the mirror!

Bucking Bronco

This is what Blaise does while I unpack.

Saint Blaise Day

Tuesday, February 3 was the feast of Saint Blaise. We took Blaise to mass for a special blessing to celebrate his namesake. The Saint Blaise blessing uses candles (unlit!!) to bless the throat, as Saint Blaise is the patron saint of throat disease. (We Catholics have patron saints for everything- one of the reasons I love being Catholic!) Hopefully Saint Blaise is blessing little Blaise's gums, too- as two additional teeth are poking through (ouch!) and patient Mama is burning off some of her stay in Purgatory. (What a very Catholic post this turned out to be!) Be blessed!