Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The tale of Lobsty

Every time we go grocery shopping, Gus has to visit the lobster tank to find "Lobsty." Lobsty is the king of the tank, the lobster always on top of the pile and looking ready to fight. Gus loves him and always wants to take him home. 
Well, Sunday he did. 
Here's a little family nature study. Even Rosie No Fear Demko wanted to pick him up. 
I kept my distance. 
The kids turned on the Wild Kratts lobster episode while TBD and I made dinner. Then Gus dropped Lobsty into the pot. 
Dad thought these bibs were a necessity. :)
Team Lobsty:
And Blaise won't eat seafood because they're "magnificent creatures." :)
RIP Lobsty

Thursday, February 18, 2016

On trend

Rosie and T. Swift share a haircut. Bobs. So hot right now. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016


TBD brought home a flower surprise yesterday. He chose such a beautiful bouquet. Sunflowers, which remind us of Blaise, big mums for Gus, Roses for you-know-who, and pretty pink lilies. Xoxo
And to top it off, he brought Rosie a flower of her own. She keeps asking to hold it. 

Friday, February 12, 2016


And this is what happens when I take my eyes off the prize for ten minutes...

It's Friday, I'm in love!

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day!
Rosie looked extra cute to me this morning. Something about the mittens and footie pajamas, and just watching her run around all carefree and two. 
Rosie: "I LIKE tea pah-tees" 
This tea set from Papa Clark has been one of her favorite gifts. Gus always wants to join in, too. 
These two have been cute to watch together. They both have a mischievous, funny side that makes them laugh a lot together. I enjoy their conversations:
g: "Wosie I have a suh-pwise for you"
r: (shocked) "Oh!!"
g: "wook, Wosie! It's a bwanket!"
The two wild things make mud pies. 
Laying in a box. Endless fun. 
Blaise and Rosie also have their own special appreciation for each other. As roommates, he helps her out of her crib in the morning. At night, they read books together by the light of his little lantern. He's her protector, always making sure she isn't near the street, or splashing in the toilet. Once I had to run to the neighbors and left Blaise in charge of the littles for 5 mins. I talked a little too long and when I came back he had turned off the oven which was baking a pizza, had changed Rosie's diaper (!), and was setting the table. He will be such a good husband and father. 
Rosie received this "prayer bear" in the mail from Aunt Nina. She will not let it leave her sight. There have been a few fights over prayer bear. Naturally!
Lastly, Blaise's research project on Golden Bamboo Lemurs. He is so proud of it and it turned out really cute (and funny!) 
PS-do you see baby? 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy Feast Day, Blaise

Blaiser receives his annual throat blessing. Gus looks a little nervous for his turn. Rosie refused it. Ha! That blessing always comes at a good time when we are battling a cold. 
We "feasted" on a banana split at Margie's. Blaise ate 80% of this. I had to take his spoon away twice. He means business. 
Steph sent this- perfect for our little Jedi. :)
Blaise had to do a report on a saint for school. He chose his patron, Blaise. We learned some interesting facts- like Blaise is the patron of Dubrovnik, Croatia, as he protected the city from an attack by the Venetians. There's a big cathedral there in his honor and his statue is on top of the city gates. He also was a martyr, meaning he died defending the faith. What a good super hero to look up to. Please always intercede for us, beloved St Blaise.