Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday morning

Just munching shredded mini wheats and chatting. Topics of conversation: the Death Star, Blackhawks, Dada and if hockey or football players are tougher. (B argued for hockey "They get a tooth punched out and don't stop")

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The girls

Mary and Rosie connected in the backyard 

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Just waking up amongst her four stuffed animals and ten books
Modeling Cinco de Mayo accessories at Target

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wedding weekend

Aunt Maggi and Uncle Andrew tied the knot in Dayton last weekend. It was the best. 
I wish I captured more pictures of the day. Maggi was stunning. And look at that ring bearer team. 
Ms Thang found her main squeeze
She was a mini flower girl but would not wear her flower clip the florist made. Sassy
Gus balances an appetizer and a bouquet. He will make an ideal prom date for someone 
Seeing double
Guess who was also there. Mimi!
A few casual shots to balance the suspender tuxedo pictures
Eating chips while watching the tube. Bad mama. Rosie is delighted 
Sunday brunch with the bride and groom

Chicago bound

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Egg Hunt

Blaise's eggs were tricky to find
Funny Uncle Danny (FU Danny) being funny
Baby's first Easter
These two sure love each other 
The ladies and their bows
Rosie is DONE.
Aunt Meghan had her first communion this year. Blaise is next up!

We are home. Let the craziness resume

Rosie took her first steps on March 8 and is now a run-walker. Here she is runnin' the block. Spring has sprung and we like our city again :)
The car was already dirty so why not make it dirtier by taking the kids to a drive-in? They thought it was cool. 
A photo of food heaven. See you soon White Glove car wash. I have a real beaut for you. 
This one puts the capital S in Sas. Love it. 
Your eyes are not deceiving you. Rosie is again in pajamas for the second day straight. Here we are at the Children's Museum. Do not do what I did. I took the kids alone on the free night during spring break without a stroller. Every Family from Chicago and the bordering states was there. My arms still ache from carrying my dear 30 lb daughter and i completely sweated through my shirt trying to track the 3 down. As we Walked in the door I kept telling Gus "see those nice people in red shirts, Gus? They work  here and will help you when you lose mom. Remember RED shirts. Now tell me, what's my name Gus? Ok good. Now go have fun. "
My only photo to document the "fun", rosie in a tunnel In her sparkle shoes. 
These kids are crazy and I love them so much :)

More MI

5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate...
Bear and RoRo
Blaise built this "my first chemistry set" with Danny and then Danny told him to tell me "now I just need an RV, Mom." Lol/yikes
Here is our young Heizenberg
Mimi, you really have your hands full. Ha. We moms NEVER hear that tired line. 
Felix. OMGoodness
Blaise has this situation completely under control   Cece seems concerned 
Blaise boxes out 
Bird Sanctuary. NAaaay-ture
Side note but sorta funny. Last time we fed ducks was at ND. Things were going smoothly, everything quiet and peaceful. Gus, pointing: "I put my finga in dat ducks mowf." I turn around and there's a lone Canadian Goose standing next to him. Gus seriously has one heck of a guardian angel. 
Here we are eating bunny cookies and trying not to lose any kids 
Cece. Be still my heart. I tried to steal her and keep her. Steph wouldn't let me. 
Mimi feeds the hungry little wolves and precious Mary Claire
Girl power!

Easter 2015

We celebrated Easter in MI because Aunt Meghan was baptized. Hooray! Pictures to come. 
Here are the three bunnies. It is hard to take a picture of them. 
The Easter Bunny found us. He brought bathing suits and goggles. 
Baby's first peep. 
This dude was first to find his basket.