Saturday, April 11, 2015

More MI

5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate...
Bear and RoRo
Blaise built this "my first chemistry set" with Danny and then Danny told him to tell me "now I just need an RV, Mom." Lol/yikes
Here is our young Heizenberg
Mimi, you really have your hands full. Ha. We moms NEVER hear that tired line. 
Felix. OMGoodness
Blaise has this situation completely under control   Cece seems concerned 
Blaise boxes out 
Bird Sanctuary. NAaaay-ture
Side note but sorta funny. Last time we fed ducks was at ND. Things were going smoothly, everything quiet and peaceful. Gus, pointing: "I put my finga in dat ducks mowf." I turn around and there's a lone Canadian Goose standing next to him. Gus seriously has one heck of a guardian angel. 
Here we are eating bunny cookies and trying not to lose any kids 
Cece. Be still my heart. I tried to steal her and keep her. Steph wouldn't let me. 
Mimi feeds the hungry little wolves and precious Mary Claire
Girl power!

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