Saturday, April 11, 2015

We are home. Let the craziness resume

Rosie took her first steps on March 8 and is now a run-walker. Here she is runnin' the block. Spring has sprung and we like our city again :)
The car was already dirty so why not make it dirtier by taking the kids to a drive-in? They thought it was cool. 
A photo of food heaven. See you soon White Glove car wash. I have a real beaut for you. 
This one puts the capital S in Sas. Love it. 
Your eyes are not deceiving you. Rosie is again in pajamas for the second day straight. Here we are at the Children's Museum. Do not do what I did. I took the kids alone on the free night during spring break without a stroller. Every Family from Chicago and the bordering states was there. My arms still ache from carrying my dear 30 lb daughter and i completely sweated through my shirt trying to track the 3 down. As we Walked in the door I kept telling Gus "see those nice people in red shirts, Gus? They work  here and will help you when you lose mom. Remember RED shirts. Now tell me, what's my name Gus? Ok good. Now go have fun. "
My only photo to document the "fun", rosie in a tunnel In her sparkle shoes. 
These kids are crazy and I love them so much :)

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