Monday, August 31, 2015

This one's for you, Gus

Tomorrow is this guy's first day of school. 
You're a lively one. Dad had the intuition to choose your name, Augustine, and has it ever been appropriate. 
We call you Happy Gus, because you're always smiling. You're outgoing and up for fun, which wins you friends and admirers. 
Dad and I admire this about you, since we wish we had that "gene."  We think we know where it came from. 
You do things your own way and in your own time. That is good. We are proud of you and enjoy watching you grow. 
You've had ups and downs. When you were most down, God was by your side. Our special extended family was, too. You persisted. 
Soon you were back on your feet and ready for more. You aren't scared of pain and will try anything. Dad and I think maybe you should try football.
Our love follows you tomorrow and every day, Gus. Keep that spirit! Our prayer for you is that Mary, who you love, is always there by your side, even when we are not. 
And as Funny Uncle Danny told you, there are two things to remember at school:
1. Listen to your teacher
2. Make as many friends as you can
You should do just fine. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Had a great whirlwind weekend in Ohio. Did the usual Chik-fil-a stop, Gus had a milkshake because it was his feast day! :) St Augustine, bless this little guy!
Blaise reads to Rosie in the playground. Hah! 
We showed two movies along the way and offered an unlimited buffet of junk food. Rosie's never looked so happy in her car seat, and for the first time ever she didn't scream for our entire trip!
MarMar's house. Chillaxin on the deck. 
Dining al fresco
Skyline chili the next day for lunch. Gus got a coney. He was CRAZY excited!!
We visited Tommy's boxing coach in Columbus, then went to Papa Clark's for dinner. Blaise looked so cute in this hat of Papa's. 
Gus spilled his entire glass of iced tea on his shirt, but nothing gets Happy Gus down. 
The next morning we went to the newly renovated chapel at UD for Mass. 
Mary and Rosie with Mary and roses. 
We had a special trip to Ohio!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One big bug

The kids found a cicada on our back deck and had to go all Wild Kratts on it. 
I would not get any closer to photograph it. These bugs are what nightmares are made of. "Touch him Rosie. He won't hurt you. He's such a cute little guy."
I'm going back inside now. Eek!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Blaise's first day

Second grade, here he comes! It was a beautiful day. Blaise was excited to go back and see his friends. It is a big year for him with his First Holy Communion. 
Tommy scoffed at the colorful outfit a bit, but he's my son after all :)
Rosebud, won't you ever smile for a picture? ��
Gus starts in a week!

Beach day

Ice cream for Rosebud. "Lipstick"
The kids take the polar plunge in the 55 degree water

Happy Feast Day Rosie

We love you!
Donuts and roses for Rose. 
St Rose was from Peru. She always loved to help others, even as a child. She was very beautiful but said "only beauty of the soul is important." She offered her good works to God for sinners. She was the first saint of the Americas.