Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy Feast Day, Blaise

Blaiser receives his annual throat blessing. Gus looks a little nervous for his turn. Rosie refused it. Ha! That blessing always comes at a good time when we are battling a cold. 
We "feasted" on a banana split at Margie's. Blaise ate 80% of this. I had to take his spoon away twice. He means business. 
Steph sent this- perfect for our little Jedi. :)
Blaise had to do a report on a saint for school. He chose his patron, Blaise. We learned some interesting facts- like Blaise is the patron of Dubrovnik, Croatia, as he protected the city from an attack by the Venetians. There's a big cathedral there in his honor and his statue is on top of the city gates. He also was a martyr, meaning he died defending the faith. What a good super hero to look up to. Please always intercede for us, beloved St Blaise.