Sunday, January 31, 2016


It's been pretty quiet over here. Just nesting, resting, and getting ready for baby!
Gus has a new pair of pants with an ND on them. He tries to wear them every day, in conjunction with a Corey Crawford jersey. :)
Blaise and G-Pops are sending sketches back and forth of the tree house they plan to build when we eventually move. G-Pops' even features four bunk beds which fold down! Ha. 
Playing in the mud in the backyard. With a tutu. 
Tommy took Rosie on a date. He asked her where she wanted to go and she said "bus." So they took the bus to get donuts! It was cute to see them walking away hand in hand. 
Thankful for our mild winter weather, Legos to entertain the boys, and our quiet weekend to catch up. 

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