Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Glory Days

Mom and Pops had a big night out on Saturday night. Danny took us to UD for some excitement. (Blaise was snug as a bug at home with Grand Mare. No worries!) Let the party begin! Our first stop was Danny's house on campus. I am disappointed that I forgot to snap a picture- it was a bachelor pad at its finest. Next, we toured a house called "Slanty." Old Slanty got it's name from the fact that everything inside leans to one side- the steps, sinks, refrigerator. (G-Pops, help!!) Slanty was partying pretty hard, so we took a quick walk through and stopped for a photo-op outside. Next stop, Tim's! Tim's is apparently "the bar" for UD students. (I would equate it to Finnegan's for our SMC/ND readers.) Aunt Maggi worked her magic at the bar and was able to get the group free drinks. (Only a Diet Coke for me, the D.D. and Blaise's food source.) Of course the family outing wasn't complete without Becky and Pat. We will see you soon! Speaking of family- I swear I saw Uncle Danny W. at the bar! I normally wouldn't be volunteering this ugly pic for the blog- but if you look behind me you'll see the Danny look-alike getting smooched by a girl at the bar! (Hey Danny- this is supposed to be a family site.) See the resemblance? Thanks to Danny and Maggi for taking out the folks and helping us feel like "we've still got it." Ha Ha

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