Thursday, March 24, 2016


The kids have all been named after saints, but now our family has a real one. Please meet our beloved fourth child, Lily.

Lily was delivered on February 25 at almost 39 weeks. My water broke and we raced to the hospital. Upon arrival, Lily's heartbeat wasn't detectable. The doctor cried as she told us the news.

Tommy predicted Lily was a girl, and like always, he was correct. Lily's cheeks were round and kissable, and she had a perfect button nose. She was our second biggest baby at 7 lbs, 2 oz. She looked so much like her brothers and sister. 

Our day with Lily was filled with peace. Blaise, Gus and Rosie came to the hospital with Becky and Maggi. My parents arrived from Michigan. Together, we gave Lily so much love. Rosie wanted to hold Lily the whole time. The kids gave Lily a little pink cat lovey that they had chosen.  

Fr. Joe met us at the hospital and gave Lily a beautiful blessing, there with our family. He cried as he said it. 

Tommy and I kept Lily with us as long as we possibly could. As we said goodbye to her, the nurse prayed with us. I revisit this day over and over in my mind. 

As we were preparing to leave the hospital, Tommy went downstairs for a few minutes. He came back up with the most perfect bouquet of white lilies so that I wouldn't leave empty handed. It was the most thoughtful thing. I wept. 

Lily's Memorial Mass was March 1 at St. Michael. Both of her godparents, Maggi and Jake, read. The children laid lilies on her casket. So many family, friends and neighbors honored us by attending. We buried our sweet baby in a blizzard. Blaise knelt down in the snow next to her as Fr. Joe blessed her one last time.

Blaise shared some beautiful insight on Lily. In his First Communion book he drew our family. I loved to see little Lily there, up above the blue line. 

He has also reminded me, in my tears, "Every day we move farther from the sad day, and a little closer to seeing her again." 
Amen, Blaise. 

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