Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Things that happened at the zoo

Our little house seems even littler in summer. Most days we get to the point when I realize we need to get out, now! Today that moment came early. So, we escaped to the zoo. 
Fed some cows...
Also, in the farm area we watched a mother pig simultaneously nurse 9 piglets. Wow. 
Rode the carousel. Boys both chose to ride on the chimps. 
Rosie clung to the giraffe. 
As we ate lunch there was a bunch of seagulls trying to steal food. Rosie kept running up to them and trying to touch them. A man sitting nearby said "You better watch that one. She has no fear. When she's 18 she's going to be doing flips on her motorcycle for the X Games." 
Oh my!
Still in pjs. Of course. 
On our way to the car we talked to this nice policeman and petted his horse "Bub."

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