Sunday, July 5, 2015

America the Beautiful

And Pure Michigan!!!

Blaise loves little babies. Especially Cece. He was so patient with her.
Cece smooches Nana. Do you like that Nana?
G-Pops loaded the girls in the trailer and took them for a ride. 
This picture makes me laugh. :) The boys made G-Pops take them next. 
We started the 4th at the Richland Parade. Here's an attempt at a cousin picture. 
Rosie took a turn sitting on the tractor. 
Somebody in the parade yelled "Go Blackhawks!" To Blaise which made his day. 
This was our favorite part of the parade. A front end loader filled with candy. Boom. 
Cece slept through it all. 
Next we went to "Jake's Lake."
Trying to squirt Dad and Blaise. Gus squirted this toy for hours on end. It was his favorite part. 
This baby. Sigh. 
It was a special fourth. 

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