Sunday, June 22, 2014

This week

Blaise had two games. He earned the game ball after one, something he had hoped for all season. That's probably because the cousins, Papa Clark and our friend Carolin all came to cheer him on. 
The boys started swim classes. No pictures of the class available since Gus was mad as a wet hen. He will be bribed with a happy meal next week.
And here we have the twins. Rosie smiles her biggest for Blaiser. 
Rosie got the green light for solids. 
Get it girl. 
No playin with your food Rose. 
Papa Clark visited and we had a cousin lunch
We went to see Boston at Montrose Beach 
An old lady at church spoke German to Rosie and said her cheeks look like "an angel about to blow her trumpet" :)  

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