Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summertime Antics

Here we have possibly my least favorite summer activity "Band." This involves making loud tooting sounds, walking in circles and stomping your feet, and almost always coincides with Rosie's nap. Tommy lurks ready to snatch the offending instruments. 
"But Dad I've always wanted to play the panflute."
Down to the basement with that annoying noise, dude. See ya. 
Freshly up from her nap, Rosie is schooled in dinosaurs. Blaise insists her fave is Iguanodon. He was pleased that she chose a plant eater. 
And here is Thomas B. Demko striking his most presidential pose. He made these name tags while I was upstairs and even taped VP Gus J Demko's to his back. 

And here's the real boss around here, Rose E. Demko. Just look at those new pearly whites. Id vote for you Rosie. 
In the meantime, the tornado has blown outside where the Spider-man sprinkler is twerking and push-ups are served up fresh. 
Gus is brave to go close to Spider-Man. 
Long live summer. 

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