Thursday, June 9, 2016

Birthday Boy

Today we celebrated Blaise, the eight year old! Where would we be without our human GPS? 
Blaise, you made us parents, and for that you are special. You have a unique relationship with many people. You look up to Dad, help Rosie, play with Gus, and take care of me. 
This is how I find you- with your head in a book. Even as a baby you'd crawl over and sit with your book basket. Some mornings (many moons ago) Dad and I could sleep in 'til 9:00 because you'd be reading happily in your crib. 
Your other love: sports. It was fun taking you to a Cubs game in May. You sat and watched each play, glued to the action. That intensity comes from another TBD we know. 
Your heart is close to God. You understood the magnitude of your first communion. You share your faith with others. (One of your Masses at home)
You understand my heart. Some days I tell you "Blaise, I'm really missing Lily today." You tell me with a reassuring voice, "That makes sense." Whenever you mention your siblings, she is included, whether in prayer, in conversation, or simply in number, 4. 
(Blaise with Tommy on left, Lily with Tommy on right
One of my happiest moments this spring was because of you, Blaise. Our neighbors had purchased lilies to plant on our block and had made a banner and some balloons that said Lily. Seeing the balloons, you requested to send them up to Lily. The neighbors all gathered to watch as you knelt in the street, said a prayer, and released the balloons, all on your own. 
It's wonderful sharing the twists and turns of life with you, Blaise. Thank you for the lessons you teach us each day. And may you never get too old or cool for the penny pony. :)