Friday, October 2, 2015

Still here.

Sorry for the silence. The little "saints" are all doing well and enjoying the start of fall here in Chicago. I'm at week 18 of pregnancy and may have lost my marbles. The other week I was at a check up at the Drs office about 30-45 min away. After returning home I realized my phone was gone. I emailed tommy who made some calls and located it at the hospital- but I had to rush back right away. Lots of travel that day. Ok, there's a debate between tommy and I over what happened to it. The screen is smashed to smithereens. I think it fell out of the stroller and i ran it over with the car. He thinks I "dropped it just right." Either that or someone hit it with a hammer twenty times. Also, the camera no longer works. :( Bright side:  less than three weeks til upgrade so we will be back in full force soon. Until then, here are a few snaps others have shared. 
Mimi and G-Pops visited so we could attend Carolin and Minor's wedding in Memphis. (It was beautiful!) thank you Mimi and g-pops!!!!!!
Rosie wanted to act like a big girl and sit in G-Pop's truck. 
All of the kids wanted to check out the truck. They are pretty rare here in Chi. 
Mimi took her little friends to the park. 
We have a sweet little group of one year olds on the block. Here are a few of them. 
Gus at school doing a scooping work. My favorite school story came from Blaise. One day he came home and said "Well, I got in a little trouble but it doesn't make sense." Apparently his class was having a meeting and Blaise heard a class out on the playground. He went over to the window and saw it was Gus's class so he stared yelling down "Gus! Gus! Gus!" From the second floor. his teacher told him to go sit by the cupboards. :)
Blaise couldn't understand why saying hi to his brother could be a bad thing. He is always counting how many times he spots Gus during the day. Gus is lucky to have such a sweet captain of the kids. 

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