Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Because I don't want to forget.

Blaise begins randomly pairing each family member with a sea creature. "I'm the shark, Gus is the goldfish, Mom you're a beluga,  Rosie is a seahorse and Dad is a sperm whale." (?!?)

Tonight during dinner I realized Blaise doesn't know how to do a somersault. I said "you'll have to call Elisa to teach you." (his cousin) He responds "So you're going to put me in physical therapy?" He thought I had said Eileen, Gus's old PT.  Then Gus picks up the walkie-talkie and has a pretend conversation with Eileen. "He-woah Ei-ween"
Last night while finally, finally putting Gus to bed he requests I sing him a song. 
Me: Ok, which one. 
Gus: ..... "Rock Me Mama like a wagon wheel" 

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